Why gifts to Ascension are NOT tax deductible

We truly appreciate all gifts contributions especially because we know that people have many tax-deductible charity options to choose from. If you choose to make a gift to BIAY or CIAY we will use all of that money to continue creating podcasts, videos, and books which lead people to Jesus.

Being a for-profit company gives us the freedom to listen to our customers. When our customer tell us they need a book or resource, we make it! It also enables us to serve customers with quickness and precision, since we do not have to be limited by some of the constraints and rules on non-profit companies.

We provide BIAY, CIAY and our other media products free to anyone. We’ve been doing this since 2015. The gifting program helps us offset the massive costs of creating the #1 Catholic podcast in human history, as well as our other (free!) 4 weekly podcasts, 4 weekly YouTube videos, Sunday YouTube Masses, and other evangelizing media offerings.

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