Choosing a Study Program

Choosing a study is one of the first hurdles you'll come across, but it needn't be a difficult one!

Is This Your First Study Group?

If you are new to doing a Bible study, we recommend that you start with Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible. This 8-session study gives a big-picture overview of salvation history, showing how the biblical narrative forms the foundation of our Catholic faith. If you’re looking to start a study that’s a little shorter, we recommend A Biblical Walk Through the Mass, a 5-session study that explains the riches of the Liturgy and the Eucharist.

What Should We Do Next?

If you've already done Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible, there is no set curriculum. You can choose! Where you go next depends on what your group is interested in doing. Some groups want to dive deeper into the Bible itself. Other groups may prefer to explore our Catholic beliefs and practices.

For those who wish to dive deeper into the Bible itself, we recommend continuing with The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation. This 24-session study is an in-depth journey through salvation history, taking you into the fourteen narrative books of the Bible. You will then be able to understand every book in the Bible in light of the overall story that ties it all together.
If you would prefer to explore our Catholic beliefs and practices, we recommend that you continue with Jesus: The Way, the Truth, and the Life. This 10-session study, filmed in the Holy Land, takes you on a journey through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. The marvelous treasures of the Catholic Faith—the Eucharist, Mary, the saints, and the Creed— are all centered on and rooted in the person of Jesus Christ. Having an intimate knowledge of and relationship with Christ is essential for understanding and living out your Catholic faith.

How Long Will It Take To Complete a Study?

Each study has between 5 and 24 "sessions," or weeks of content. You can see how many sessions your study contains on the website where you purchased it. We recommend doing one session per week, but your group can space out sessions or speed them up to meet your needs.

If you are scheduling a 24-session study, such as  The Bible Timeline or Matthew, consider splitting it into spring and fall segments with a break around Christmas. Please keep in mind that the video access on Thinkific runs for one year from the date of purchase—keep this in mind when scheduling.

What Materials Will My Participants Need?

In some of our studies, the leader will need a "Leader Set," and the participants will need a "Study Set." In other studies, the leader and participants together will all purchase the Study Set. Our Bible Studies typically have additional readings from the Bible, and some of our other study sets contain additional reading from a book that is included in the study set. Look at your study’s purchase page for details, and call our friendly customer service team at 1-800-376-0520 if you have any questions.
In addition, we recommend everyone should have the Catechism of the Catholic Church, as well as a Catholic Bible. For Bibles, we recommend purchasing The Great Adventure Catholic Bible, which incorporates the same color-coded learning system that is the foundation of all of our Bible studies.

Will We Need Workbooks?

The workbook and additional reading are an integral part of the study, containing reflection and discussion questions. To get the most out of the study, we recommend each participant have his or her own workbook, which is included in the Study Set.

How Much "Homework" is involved?

This varies based on the study but also on the individual participant. Let the participants know that if they have more time to dedicate to home preparation, they will get more out of the study. We recommend allowing up to 90 minutes per week for reading and home preparation. We also recommend spreading homework over the whole week so it doesn’t become a chore but rather a habit. However, don’t let a busy schedule discourage participants; any time spent studying the Bible is beneficial!
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